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Summer Term Newsletter

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Y1 SUMMER Exploration and Adventure newsletter

Bring Your Bike to School Day

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To support our learning based upon the book ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’,  Year 1 held a bring your bike to school day! We have had a fantastic day testing out our new bike invention. We put lots of hard work into researching, planning and making a sail for a bike. Although it wasn’t a very windy day, we think our sail worked great!

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Not only did we get to test our invention, but we also got to practice many other skills.

  • Many of us rode a bike without training wheels  for the first time today. What a fantastic achievement!
  • We worked as a team to build a road and made up our own safety rules to ensure we all kept safe. Some children even decided to be traffic wardens and manage the flow of bikes through their road.
  • We practised resilience when we took a tumble, and supported each other with kind words.
  • We were able to reflect upon the design of our sail and think about ways we might make it differently next time.


At the end of a long day, we rested our tired legs with a little picnic (just like Mrs Armitage).


Spring Term Newsletter

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Y1 SPRING Inspiration and Invention newsletter



What a busy month we have had in December. We wrote to Santa asking him if we could have an elf to visit our class and he said yes! After taking a class vote, we named our elf Chippie. He got up to lots of mischief but we have loved having Chippie to stay with us.

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We were a little sad when Chippie ruined our Christmas decorations. The next day, Chippie tied up all our teddies and forced them to listen to a story. We told Chippie how unkind he was being! He didn’t listen, because after that he ate all our chocolates in our advent calendar. We were very upset. The next day, we had a huge surprise. Chippie had grown and had written us a letter and bought us a new Christmas book. He told us that he was going to start being good because we had filled him with Christmas cheer.

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From then on, Chippie was a good elf. Although sometimes he was still a little bit cheeky! Thanks for visiting us Chippie.



We have had a great start to the term in Year 1 and have especially enjoyed the ‘Mystery and Magic’ day.

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Autumn Term Newsletter

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Mystery and Magic Year 1