Year 2

Year 2 were inspired by the book ‘Only One You’ written by Linda Kranz learning how everyone is different and to appreciate all.  Here are some of the children with their own designs for their own fish for their class reflection area.

IMG_1716     IMG_1717      IMG_1722 IMG_1728 IMG_1729  IMG_1747


Year 2 had great fun during the WOW Sublime Science day.

They tried to magically get a balloon in a jar, put a pencil through a bag of water, made their own slime and had great fun following a treasure hunt.


IMG_1522 IMG_1529 IMG_1543 IMG_1560 IMG_1563 IMG_1604 IMG_1628 IMG_1635 IMG_1655

Year 2 Mystery and Magic Autumn 2017 pdf order


Sublime Science Day Year 2 Autumn 2017