Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Please feel free to click on the attachment below to read the Year 4 Spring newsletter.

PDF Inspiration and Invention newsletter


In our RE lessons Year 4 have been exploring various sacred books including the Bible, Torah and Qur’an. We have been considering the importance of different faiths and the impact that they have on peoples’ lives. In order to share findings, Year 4 researched, prepared and delivered brilliant group presentations on the Qur’an to the rest of the class.

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We have also been filling in our POSADA journals. Mary and Joseph have been going on lots of exciting and interesting adventures!





Throughout the Autumn Term Year 4 have been doing lots of independent learning and have even helped to teach some lessons. This has all helped towards being resilient learners in Year 4. A number of children set up a fantastic assault course in PE and in IT different groups have been teaching the class Scratch lessons each week based on The Polar Express.


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Colwich Primary School started the new school year with a trip to Churnett Valley Railway. We had lots of fun learning about railways, decorating ginger biscuits, collecting clues to crack a Christmas code and made our own tickets from The Polar Express.




This term we will be exploring the topic of Mystery and Magic. We will be developing our questioning, analysing and experimenting skills in all subjects. Already this year we have taken part in lots of Science experiments as part of our WOW Day, delved into sound and hearing, started to write a mysteries narrative based on ‘The Mysteries of Harris Burdick’ by Chris Van Allsburg and are developing our Maths problem solving skills.


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Some of us tried the WOW day activities at home.