Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Home Learning

Home Learning Pack LINKS pdf   This sheet has websites that the children can assess at any time. They already have passwords for these sites as we do regularly use them in school.

*BBC Bitesize are providing Maths, English and Topic lessons on their website. If you would like to give them a go for a bit of variety please copy the link below:

*The Government’s new online academy is providing daily English, Maths and Foundation lessons. These Foundation lessons include work on Henry VIII, Spanish numbers and the alphabet, music and light. Again, if you would like to give any of them a go please copy the following link:

*My Mini Maths

*Gary Hall

*Times Tables Games

*Top Marks-Learning to tell the time

LAST WEEK OF YEAR 4!!!! (wc 13.07.20)

I can not believe that it is the last week of the school year! It has been lovely teaching and getting to know you all. I wish you all the best of luck going into Year 5. I know you are all going to be AMAZING!

Please find below some activities for this week that could be used to recap skills and as preparation for Year 5.



If you find the Y4 work in the pack above easy have a go at the Y5 booklet below instead.


Other English Activities:

The Mystery of the Egg and Spoon Swindler

The Mystery of the Egg and Spoon Swindler Answers








Other Maths Activities:

LKS2 The Mystery of the Super Snack Maths Mystery Game



The Place Value Mystery of the Thief at Gideon Gold’s Chocolate Factory


Topic Activities


SCIENCE challenge cards



Have a look at the Power Point about art through the ages.

Can you have a go at creating your own piece of art in the style of any of the artists? Could you have a go at copying any of the artwork?

Art Through the Ages PowerPoint

Roll a face

*Cooking and Baking

Lots of you have been making some fabulous food at home, so I thought the following recipes might be helpful. Have fun!





Year 4 I have been so impressed with all of your hard work this week. I know everything feels a bit strange, but it has been lovely receiving emails from some for you showing me what you have been up to or just to have a chat. I will be uploading pics to Class Dojo weekly to share what everyone has been up to. Keep up the fantastic work and stay safe!

CERYSIMG_0695e7082212-b8a7-4443-98be-a7c7aa5f035fMYSTERY STORY 2EGGS20200331_123232paintingwritingNHS


For many of us it is only the first few days into our home learning and I have already received lots of lovely emails from children and parents. Along side their set work from the class website, some children are taking the time to read new books and others are learning new languages. These are some of the examples of work and home timetables I have been sent. Well done Class 4 keep going!!



IMG_1282 IMG_1283IMG_1284

Cracking Creatures and Hazardous Habitats

Please follow the links below to the Spring Term ‘Cracking Creatures and Hazardous Habitats’ Curriculum Plan and homework.

SPRING Term Curriculum Plan pdf



Sport Relief

Class 4 had a great time taking part in activities for Sport Relief. We took part in a sporty session in the morning, and then in the afternoon we completed a sponsored Zumbathon- 30 minutes of non-stop Zumba! It was hard work but we had lots of fun.

IMG_4018 IMG_4042 IMG_4061 IMG_4062

World Book Day

For World Book Day Class 4 came into school in dressed as some of their favourite book characters. As you can see they all looked fantastic! During the day the children created book character top trump cards, completed word searches and drew their own book covers.



Today Year 4 had the fantastic opportunity to take part in ‘Bikeability’ training. The class were shown how to take care of their bikes and practised essential manoeuvres.


Safer Internet Day

On ‘Safer Internet Day’ Year 4 revised their e-safety knowledge by completing online safety activities on Purple Mash.



In our Geography lessons we have been researching what the climate is like in the Tropics. We looked at the temperature, rainfall and animals that live there and then delivered talks to the rest of the class.


Midlands Air Ambulance

Today Year 4 had the fantastic opportunity to meet and listen to people from the Midlands Air Ambulance. The children were also allowed to climb into a POD of an air ambulance to see what it would be like to try to rescue people in need.

IMG_1549 IMG_1545 IMG_1543 IMG_1541 IMG_1539 IMG_1537 IMG_1535 IMG_1533

Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish

In our Science lessons we have been looking at how we classify different living things. As a starting point the children had to work out how they would group different living things based on the headings Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish.

IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1532

Marvellous Mysteries

This term our topic is ‘Marvellous Mysteries’ please feel free to take a look at our topic overview by clicking on the link below.

AUTUMN Term Curriculum Plan Y4


Due to the fantastic pieces of homework created by children at Colwich, the whole school got a chance to see what each class produced in their Autumn term homework. Children in Year 4 demonstrated brilliant artistic skills, research talents and lovely handwriting abilities. Some children in Year 4 also produced these magnificent musical instruments.

IMG_1434 IMG_1435 IMG_1436 IMG_1437 IMG_1438 IMG_1439 IMG_1440 IMG_1441

Electrifying Science

In our Science lessons we have been exploring electricity. We have been looking at different ways of creating electricity and which everyday objects rely on either mains or battery electricity to work.

IMG_1501 IMG_1506 IMG_1509 IMG_1526 IMG_1528


Design and Technology

In our DT lessons, Year 4 have been using our cutting and sewing skills to make these fantastic reindeer hand puppets!



As part of our Science lessons we created our own water systems using a plastic cup, soil, water and cress seeds.




In our Geography lessons we have been learning about the different countries in Europe. By using an atlas to find out the names and locations of various countries, we stuck Europe back together as best as we could. How did we do?