Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 and 6’s Christmas performance 7:00-8:00pm.

Wednesday 11th December.

Here are the words

O Come All Ye Faithful SONG WORDS

19.11.2019 – Class 5’s Spectacular Science Show

Today all of class 5 took part in our class assembly which was written by the children themselves.  Our script included four super narrators telling our story, and a range of different cast members ranging from teachers and children, including a couple of naughty children, our bus driver Mike, a range of Scientists, police men and even a soldier and a Viking!  Let’s not forget our lights men either.  Well done Class 5, you were all brilliant ….or should I say ….”You were all EXCELLENT!!”

Here are a few photographs to try to capture what an EXCELLENT performance the children produced.

Our Narrators …


Our teachers Miss Barratt, Mrs Pearce and Miss Deebank.


Here are our children sitting on the bus with our bus driver Mike…


Here are our fantastic Scientists!


And our naughty children with their new friends, Halfdan the Viking and our WWII solider.


Here are the police men who got tricked to leave the time machine to check the flat tyre!


Finally, our very own lights men.


Well done everyone, you were EXCELLENT!

Science Space projects

Well done class 5 for your Space projects – they are out of this world!



2019 – 2020

Miss Barratt and Mrs Muir would like to welcome you Class 5.

Here we are on our first day in Year 5 2019-2020.



During our first day, as we are reading the text ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter‘, we made some fruit rockets as a juicy start to the year!

IMG_2794IMG_2799  IMG_2805IMG_2823

IMG_2792IMG_2803IMG_2790IMG_2797IMG_2821 IMG_2832

What a great start to Year 5!