Year 6


7th July 2020

Practising for Year 6 Sports Day 2020

6th July 2020

Hi everyone – we’re almost at the end now, so this is the last week of work that I’ll be posting.  However, look out for photos and videos of everything that we get up to over these last two weeks – you will all be going down in history!

First, the weekly timetable:

Year 6 work timetable 6.7.20

And the daily work:

Monday reading activity – celebrating-the-nhs

Tuesday reading activity – The Tyger Poem

Tuesday reading activity – The Tyger Reading Comprehension Activity

Wednesday Reading Booklet – The Holiday

Wednesday Question and Answer Booklet – The Holiday

Wednesday Mark Scheme – The Holiday

Thursday Mark Scheme – Telephone Box

Thursday Question and Answer Booklet – Telephone Box

Thursday Reading Booklet – Telephone Box

Friday Mark Scheme – Throwing a Tree

Friday Question and Answer Booklet – Throwing a Tree

Friday Reading Booklet – Throwing a Tree

Take care and have fun everyone!

29th June 2020

We’re half way through this last half term – just three weeks to go now !

Here is the work for this week:

Weekly timetable w/b 29.6.20

And here are your reading activities –  this week we are looking at people who have changed our understanding of the world:

monday reading activity – alan turing

tuesday reading activity – stephen hawking

wednesday reading activity – ernest shackleton

thursday reading activity – marie curie

Friday reading activity – Neil Armstrong

Friday reading activity -Neil Armstrong Questions

Enjoy finding out about these amazing people – next week will be the last week that I upload work.

26th June 2020

It’s the end of another wonderful week, and I’ve finally got round to loading up lots of fabulous work that you’ve sent in.

First, Alexa made a lovely cake (that she didn’t share with anyone).

alexa cake 2alexa cake1

Next up is Alice, who did some amazing Private Peaceful work

Alice Private Peaceful

She’s also been using some tweezers to put together a microscopic jigsaw – there is no end to your talent, Alice!  I love doing jigsaws, but I’m also always losing my glasses, so I think I’d be hopeless at this.

Alice microscopic jigsaw

Last week, Alice created a fact file about Martin Luther King as part of our study of black history.

Alice mlk fact file

And she also started her plate design – you are so talented, Alice – Mrs Lee will be so impressed.

Alice plate picture kestrel

Finally, Sam has been studying Mary Anning as part of our work on inspirational women in history – you are an absolute star, Sam!

Sam mary Anning

22nd June 2020

What a wonderful sunny day!  Here is the work for this week.  Firstly the weekly timetable:

Y6 weekly timetable 22.6.20

And here are the reading activities:

Monday Reading Activity – emmeline-pankhurst

Tuesday Reading Activity – Pioneering Women of Aviation Comprehension

Tuesday Reading Activity – Women of Aviation – Answers

Tuesday Reading Activity – Women of Aviation – Questions

Wednesday Reading Activity – lily-parr

Thursday Reading Activity – Mary Anning Text

Thursday Reading Activity – Mary Anning Questions

Friday Reading Activity – malala-yousafzai

Have fun in the sun today, and remember to practise our songs.

16th June 2020

Our entrance song will be ‘Proud’:


And our departing song will be ‘Reach For the Stars’:


15th June 2020

We’ve decided on two songs to sing at our Leavers Ceremony this year:

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Nothings gonna stop us now

Times Like These


What happened to the Summer?

Here is your work for this week.  First of all, the timetable of work:

Timetable of work 15.6.20

And here are your reading activities:

Monday Reading Activity – transatlantic-slave-trade

Tuesday Reading Activity – ruby-bridges

Wednesday Reading Activity – rosa-parks

Thursday Reading Activity – martin-luther-king

Friday Reading Activity – nelson-mandela

Mr Postie Watson will be delivering another book for you to complete this week.  As soon as your books or cd covers are finished, you need to get them into school (in a plastic bag with your name on) so that we can quarantine them before adding them to your ‘Memory Boxes’.  The same goes for your t-shirts.  If you haven’t already sent me your movie photos and head shots, get them to me before the weekend as I’m starting the movie and class photo then.

Have a wonderful week and take care!

8th June 2020

It’s a bit of a cloudy day today – where has the sun gone?  My internet has disappeared too, so I’m sorry for not posting for the last few days.  It looks like it’s restored for now, so I’ll catch up with all your photos and work as soon as school is over today.

Over the next few weeks, you will be doing lots of work towards leaving in July.  Mr Watson will be acting as ‘Postie’ – delivering all the things you need to work on.  In a couple of weeks, he will also deliver a ‘Memory Box’ for you to put all of your work in to.  Please keep sending in your photos as we will look at the website every day to see what you’ve been up to.  Also, if you haven’t yet sent in photos for our movie, then you need to email them to me asap so that I can include them.

Here is your timetable for this week:

Year 6 Timetable 8.6.20

Here is your reading (you will need to use the Homework Booklet on Friday):





Here is your writing:

Monday Writing – Big Joe Study

Tuesday Writing – Charlie Study

Wednesday Writing – Molly Study

Wednesday Writing – Tommo Study

Thursday writing activity – tweet

Homework Booklet

I will post all your work and photos later, but for now, our IXL winner last week was………

the lovely Harriet Ferguson.  Absolutely brilliant, Harriet – here is your VIC

Hello again Year 6!  I’ve been really busy for the last three days, sorting out your return on Monday, but I’m going to upload everything you’ve sent me over the last few days, and will hopefully be able to do it each day from now on.  I really want to include all of you in this last half term, so I’ll be using the website to share everything we do at school, and everything you send me from home.

First of all, the intrepid explorer (Olivia P) has sent me some amazing photos of the her half-term adventure, pitching tents, building dens, roasting marshmallows and swimming in her pool.  It sounds like a perfect holiday, Olivia – did it bring back memories of Laches Wood?

20200525_211301[1] 20200525_213552[1] 20200527_174415[1] 20200530_223051[1]

Alice also spent time chilling in her pool – you look like a lovely mermaid, Alice!


Strangely, this also reminds me of Laches Wood!

Sam (the slipper) Taylor has been busy designing a war poster for his Private Peaceful work:


It looks amazing, Sam.  I know you’ve had fun doing this, but you’ve also been preparing yourself really well for High School – absolutely brilliant!  Despite not including your    I think you deserve a VIC

Alice has also sent me some photos of the fabulous Private Peaceful work she’s been doing – you are definitely going to sparkle brighter than ever at High School, Alice –  you are an absolute superstar!

Alice has also been working on the geography section of the Learning Lucky Dip this week.  You deserve a  giant VIC

for this, Alice!

If you’re lucky, it might even be  Octopus-flavoured!


Liam has sent in a photo of his work out this morning:


You have been working so hard on your school work Liam – I don’t know how you have the energy for this!

Our IXL leader today is ……… (drum roll) ……….

The amazing JAMIE PROCTOR – you are on fire Jamie

Here is your VIC

1st June 2020

Hello again everyone!  Massive apologies for not loading things up sooner – I was in school for a very long time today, making everything safe for you next week.

First of all – here is the Learning Lucky Dip for this week (I’ve checked that the hyperlinks work this time) – I hope you have lots of fun doing all the activities:

Learning Lucky Dip 1.6.20

Next, we’ve been putting lots of things into place to keep you all safe and healthy next week:  you will see lots of changes around school, and on your desks, you will each find some hand sanitizer and some tissues (these are essential during this hayfever season, so it’s probably a good idea to start carrying some around with you wherever you go).

As we will all be sanitizing our hands many, many times each day, the teachers have found a special lanyard to wear, which means they have sanitizer available all the time:

s-l1600 (10)

You’ve now done over 185000 questions on IXL, and our leader today is (drum roll) …..

the wonderful…..immense talent…….that is……..


Jamie has been revising percentages and fractions in maths, and suffixes and verbs in grammar – you have done brilliantly today, Jamie – here is your VIC:

Welcome to June everyone – what a lovely sunny day to start our final half term.

I’ll be in school today, preparing for your return next week, but I’ll be loading up all your photos just after dinner.

For now, here is your timetable of work for this week:

Weekly Timetable of Work 1.6.20

You can access some of the work on the internet, but here is the work you will need to download:

Monday Reading Activity

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday Writing Activity

Tuesday Reading Activity

Tuesday Writing Activity

Wednesday Reading Activity

Thursday Reading Activity

Friday Reading Activity

Friday Writing Activity

I’ll add the Learning Lucky Dip after lunch (when I’ve retrieved my memory stick from school).

Have a super study day in the sunshine, and remember to stay safe and cool!

25th May 2020

What a beautiful sunny day  My curly wurlies are melting in this heat (ask Isabel), so I’m replacing them with virtual ice-creams instead:

Olivia F has sent me a photo of her Private Peaceful work – I love the butterfly, Olivia.

olivia f

Olivia has also been baking cookies – they look absolutely delicious, Olivia – doesn’t one of them have my name on it?

olivia f 2

I  called round to Olivia’s house recently, and she was practising a virtual gymnastics routine.

I wondered  whether this might be a good way for us to have a sports day this year – you could send in a video of yourself doing a sporty activity, and I could post it on the website.  Let me know what you think.

Alice has been working so hard, and has sent in some fabulous photos of her Private Peaceful reading and writing as well as some absolutely brilliant Geography and  Science work, which was based on George’s Year 7 books.   Alice says ……



As you can see, Alice’s mum has become an amazing teacher, and says that Alice really understands how the character feels – no surprise there, Alice – you are one of the most thoughtful and caring children I’ve ever met.  I think you both deserve a VIC

Alice has also been having lots of fun in her pool, and baking (fortunately not at the same time).


Your smile cake would make me smile even more if I had a slice in front of me now Alice.

Alice wants you to know that her mystery photos were of cd cases, books and wood.  She also asked if I’ll still be setting work for her (and anyone else who isn’t returning to school) after half term.  The answer is that I’ll be adding work to the website as usual every Sunday, and it will be exactly the same as the work that we are doing at school.

Harriet has also been really busy reading Private Peaceful, but she’s also made some amazing candles – you are so talented, Harriet!


She’s also sent in a photo of her incredibly cute rabbit


And a wonderful sunny day enjoying a picnic and balancing like a ballerina  it looks absolutely perfect, Harriet!

IMG_20200520_142802[1] IMG_20200520_203909[1]

Our IXL leader today is (drum roll) …..

Dan Deakin, who has been studying Year 7 Ratio and Alphabetical Order – wonderful work, Dan – here is your VIC ….

I’ll be sorting out lots more transition details this week, and uploading more work on Sunday.  Over the next few days, have a think about some activities that we can organise to celebrate leaving.  Let me know what you think about these ideas:

    1. A Virtual Sports Day (where everyone sends in a video of themselves performing a sporty activity)
    2. A Virtual Talent Show (where everyone sends in a video of themselves performing)
    3. A Send-Off Bake-Off (where everyone bakes a cake celebrating the best bits of Year 6)
    4. A Leaver’s Song (in the style of the Virgin Media advert:

I’m also planning your Leaver’s Movie – remember that I need 10-15 photos of everything you’ve been up to over the last few months (only about 20 people have sent them to me so far).

Until we meet again ….

22nd May 2020

Hello again everyone.  I’m so sorry not to have added anything for a couple of days – I’ve been really busy trying to do everything I possibly can to get you all back together again safely.  I’m going to take a look at all the things you’ve sent in, and post them now, but first, I’ve realised that the Learning Lucky Dip hyperlinks don’t work (totally my fault because I should have tested them out first).  Anyway, I’ve redone them so that they work now, and this is the Lucky Dip for this week:

Learning Lucky Dip 3

Liam has just sent me a photo of the Year 7 maths tests he’s been working on this week – you are going to shine so brightly at High School Liam – you are amazing!


I think you deserve a VCW too  curly wurly

Sam has also sent me a photo of the fantastic Private Peaceful work he’s been doing:

sam (2)

He’s not getting a VCW though because he’s cut his supersonic slippers out of the photo.

Ashleigh has been working so hard – not only has she been learning about Greta Thunberg and World War I, but she’s also been biking, canoeing, baking, and she’s also started her ‘All About Me’ booklet.  It seems ages since we talked about these – they should include all the information that you would like your new High School to know about you (all the special things that make you, you). From what I can see, Ashleigh, you should include resilience, kindness, versatility, bravery and a whole host of other special qualities that make you, you.

ash 4ash 3ash 2ash 1ash 5

You definitely deserve a VCW Ashleigh

curly wurly
19th May 2020

What a wonderful sunny day it’s been today, and it was made even better when I received a brilliant email from Alice, that included a photo of her Private Peaceful work. Lots of you will be studying this book at your new High Schools, so learning about it now will mean you are way ahead of your new classmates.


Alice has also been selecting tasks from the Year 6 Learning Lucky Dip, and taken some close up photos of mystery objects around her house.  Can you guess what they are?

92F685CE-EB6C-4DF4-AD5E-6D8A2048D6B7 4DF08AED-F5ED-4475-AFE9-C9D1C2550697 DA6974B6-6AB7-470B-8F12-AACB9C5C00E6

Talking of the Lucky Dip, I’m hoping that lots of you brilliant writers will enter the ‘A Write Laugh’ story writing competition:

‘A Write Laugh’ Story Competition

Abi has also been really busy creating some more amazing art work.


And she’s also been keeping very fit by playing badminton in the garden (we’d love to see a photo, Abi!).

Our IXL leader today is …..

Lovely Abi – all that exercise must have gone to her head

Here is your VCW for learning all about Year 9 shapes, multiples and factors in maths, and Year 8 prefixes and adjectives in grammar – you have been absolutely brilliant today!

curly wurly
18th May 2020

As the rain pours down this evening, Olivia P has sent me a photo of her splashing around in a pool at the weekend – this is going to make everyone feel very jealous, Olivia.


You look like a gorgeous mermaid

Olivia has also done some fabulous work on the first chapter of Private Peaceful


and her mum looks like she’s doing a brilliant job as a teacher too

 Maybe she deserves a VCW curly wurly

I’ve just checked, and our IXL winner today is  (drum roll) ……….

Lovely Kate Hurley, who has been learning about Year 7 Greek and Latin roots.

Here is the first VCW of the week, Kate….

curly wurly

You have passed 180,000 questions now, Year 6 – if you work extra hard this week (1000 questions each), you could reach 200,000 by the weekend

Good morning Year 6 – today is the start of our learning based on Private Peaceful.  Two of your High schools have mentioned that they will be using this with you in Year 7, so reading the book and maybe watching the dvd will be great preparation.

pp1 pp2

Here is your weekly timetable that details the maths, reading and writing work you need to do each day:

Year 6 Weekly Timetable

Here is the Learning Lucky Dip that details a range of activities linked to other areas of the curriculum:

Year 6 Weekly Lucky Dip

And finally, here are the activities that you actually need to print off to complete your work this week:

Monday reading activity

Tuesday reading activity

Wednesday reading activity

Thursday reading activity

Friday reading activity

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday writing activity

Tuesday writing activity

Friday writing activity

Have fun in the sun, and remember to send me photos of your learning.

15th May 2020

Happy Charlotte Sparrow Day everyone

and a Happy Birthday to Isabel too

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about war diarists this week.  I’ve emailed Alice about getting English subtitles on the video diaries – if anyone else needs to know, either email me, or ask Alice.  For the next two weeks, we’re going to be using Private Peaceful in our reading and writing, so try to get some of the book read over this lovely sunny weekend if you can.

Evie has sent me some of her Anne Frank work, and a beautiful piece of art work that she started at school this week.


Mrs Lee will be so impressed with this, Evie – you are an absolute

Harriet has also sent in some photos – it looks like she’s been really busy learning about Anne Frank and baking

IMG_20200513_105930IMG_20200512_181656 IMG_20200512_181710

Your cake looks delicious, Harriet (and your pinny is very cute too).

Harriet has also been enjoying the outdoors – it looks like you’ve been having so much fun in the sun, Harriet.

IMG-20200514-WA0014 IMG_20200506_153255

Our IXL leader today is (drum roll)……

Lovely Kate Hurley, who has been learning about writing fractions in their lowest terms.  You are an absolute Maths Wizard, Kate  and as if by magic

here is your VCW….

curly wurly

Until we meet again, stay happy and healthy, and ….

13th May 2020

Another wonderful Wednesday Year 6!  Today, the children in school laid flowers (from Mrs Hargreave’s garden) on Charlotte Sparrow’s grave  – Alexa represented us brilliantly!

Sam has been really busy learning about Anne Frank today – I’m hoping that reading her diary might inspire you all to write your own diaries about your experiences during the Coronavirus Epidemic – children in the future will probably read them in their history lessons, and will wonder how you all coped.  Sam has also been creating a Scratch project and doing lots of SATs revision.  Maybe you could help run Code Club at Weston Road Sam – I think it’s mainly run by ex students from Colwich.


This looks fabulous Sam – you must be wearing your magic slippers to have produced work of this quality!

I haven’t received any more photos today, so it’s time to announce that our IXL leader for Wednesday is  (drum roll) …..

the lovely Kate Hurley, who has been doing lots of  Year 7 grammar and algebra – you are definitely our  Kate, but coming up close behind is the lovely………..Jamie Proctor

You both deserve a VCW today

curly wurly 2

Take care Year 6 – have a very

12th May 2020

Hello again Year 6 – I hope you’re enjoying learning all about Anne Frank, who wasn’t that much older than you when she had to hide away in a secret annex so that she wasn’t captured by the Germans.

Olivia P has done some fabulous work this week.  She has learned loads of facts about the war, and she is practising a new, neater writing style.  It looks absolutely amazing – your teachers are going to be so impressed, Olivia – I hope we all get together again soon so that you can show it me yourself.


Olivia has also found lots of time to make her rabbit, Pebbles, feel very special.


and she even managed to bake


I wonder if it’s a carrot cake

You are so lovely Olivia – you deserve a VCW


And now for our IXL winner (drum roll) …..

Lovely Olivia Finlay is still in the lead, and has been practising her tables today


But a special mention also goes to Abi, who has been working on Year 9 synonyms and divisibility rules.  She was the last one to stop working on IXL today, and almost caught up with Olivia.  Well done Abi!

11th May 2020

Welcome to another sunny week, with lots of work to help you with your move to High School.  This week, we’re learning about war diaries, and in particular, the diary of Anne Frank.  I’ve also added another ‘Learning Lucky Dip’, and would love to see photos of all the fun you get up to.

Year 6 Weekly Timetable w/b 11th May 2020

Monday Reading Text

Monday Reading Questions

Monday Writing Vocabulary

Monday Writing Fact File

Tuesday Reading Text

Tuesday Reading Questions

Tuesday Reading Answers

Tuesday Writing Vocabulary

Tuesday Writing Fact File

Friday Reading Workbook

Learning Lucky Dip 2

I hope you’ve had a wonderful day learning in the sunshine – after the news yesterday, I’m hoping that we get to learn together again very soon.

I haven’t received any photos of you working hard yet ( I’m sure you’ve all been too busy to send them in), so I’ll check out IXL, and our winner today is (drum roll)……….

Lovely Olivia Finlay, who has been practising her tables, and has also been working on Year 9 word problems and divisibility rules.  Olivia, you are a

     here is your VCW….           cw

Keep up all the hard work – although you haven’t had to sit your SATs this week, you need to keep revising and embedding Year 6 and 7 work ready to take tests early on at your new High Schools.

Remember that Friday is Charlotte Sparrow Day so ….. bake a Birthday cake ….. pick a lovely bunch of flowers ….. make a Birthday card …. dance around the garden …. and say a great big ‘Thank You’ for our wonderful school!  (and remember to send me some photos)



Take care and stay safe everyone!

7th May 2020

Hi Year 6 – what a wonderful sunny day it’s been.  We’ve all been outside, clearing up the school garden today – Isabel worked so hard that I had to make her a lovely cuppa as a reward.

Once again, you’ve all been really busy.  Abi has been celebrating her grandad’s 70th Birthday by making a toilet roll throwing movie and baking a delicious toilet roll cake – it looks very appootizing Abi!

Abi cake

Alexa has made a fabulous Union Jack flag ready for VE Day tomorrow.  Although we can’t hold the parties that we wanted to, hopefully we can all celebrate in some way.  Thank you Alexa – this is so thoughtful!

alexa flag

Olivia P has been doing some Maths and Reading SATs revision (did you all remember that you should have been sitting your SATs exams next week?).  She’s also been reading all about Greta Thunberg becoming ‘Person of the Year’, and written an outstanding Greta Thunberg speech.  Olivia, you are an absolute inspiration, and I know you are going to shine so brightly at High School!


Kate Hurley – you are an absolute

and you are Thursday’s VCW winner!

Kate has been studying tenses and lowest common multiples for 30 minutes today – you definitely deserve a VCW Kate!

plant          sorry               cw

Take care Year 6, and remember…….


6th May 2020

Hello again Year 6.  Today, I have some absolutely amazing work from Alice to show you.  She has produced a fabulous book about a Snapadoodle.  I’ll ask Mrs Hargreaves to take a look Alice – it’s outstanding!


When your new High School teachers see this, it will blow their socks off Alice! 

Our IXL VCW winner today is (drum roll) ………..

Awesome Abi – she’s been doing some opus mirabile on year 9 Latin roots – you are mira omnino Abi.

However, your mum says you’ve had too many curly wurlies, so I’ve got you some virtual curly wurly shampoo instead:

cw shampoo

Keep up all the great work Year 6.  Take care and…..

5th May 2020

Hello year 6 – I hope you’ve had a great day finding out about young environmentalists – I hadn’t even heard about Finlay Pringle until this week, which just shows that learning is for life.

Today, Olivia P has sent me some brilliant photos of her work on Poison Dart Frogs:


And she’s also sent me her fabulous  Finlay Pringle fact file:


Finlay is only 13, and began campaigning when he was aged 10. It just goes to show that age shouldn’t hold you back – anyone can change the world!

Remember to keep sending me photos of all the work you do, but it would also be a great idea to save it in a folder so that you can show your new High School teachers – you might also be able to use it in the work you do in Year 7.

And now for our IXL winner  (drum roll) ……..

Harriet has won her second VCW of the week – she has been doing some amazing year 7 work on prefixes, adjectives and percentages.

giant curly wurly

She gets the giant VCW, but coming a close second (and winning the normal VCW) is Beth, who has been working on year 7 decimals, percentages, multiplication and division.  Girls you are both amazing – you are going to stun them all at your new High Schools!

4th May 2020

Welcome to May everyone – I’ve put together a new learning timetable for you all so that you have a bit more structure to your days – I hope you like it and send me some photos of all the work you get up to.  I’m basing this unit of work on a discussion I had last week with the Head of English at Walton, who told me that Year 7 English will involve studies of the war (novels, poems and diaries), and of nature (poems and non-fiction).  She mentioned a study of Greta Thunberg, so I’ve organised some reading and writing linked to her.  Next week I’m going to provide some work about war diaries, and in a couple of weeks, I’m going to provide work linked to ‘Private Peaceful’, so it would be great if you could read a copy before then (we have a few copies in school if you want to arrange to pick one up).

Year 6 work timetable w/b 4.5.20

Monday PowerPoint

Monday 60-Second Reading Activity

Monday longer reading activity

Tuesday reading activity

Wednesday PowerPoint

Wednesday 60-Second Reading Activity

Wednesday longer reading activity

Thursday PowerPoint

Thursday 60-Second Reading Activity

Thursday longer reading activity

Learning Lucky Dip w/b 4.5.20


I’m sure you’ve all heard that I’m leaving Colwich at the end of this term.  I just want you to know that I couldn’t have hoped for a more brilliant group of students to end my time here – you are absolutely amazing – the best group I’ve ever worked with.  I will miss you all so much, but I can’t wait to watch some decent football again!


Last week, the children in Maths Club should have sat their UKMT maths exam (for year 8 children).  The exam was obviously postponed, but they are hoping to reschedule it for before the end of this term.  In the meantime, Maths Club members practised their problem solving skills by sitting an old paper.  It would be great if you let me know how you got on – Abi scored above average, which is absolutely amazing for someone in year 6 (especially as she hadn’t been in Maths Club for that long).

The new timetables that I sent you today include some Primary Maths Challenge work that is very similar to the UKMT exams  – you should do some of the problems each day to develop your problem solving skills for Year 7.  Alexa has already sent me a picture of her working hard on the Bonus questions:

alexa maths

Last week, I heard from Mr Ives, who is hoping that we return to school before the end of term so that he can finish the digital art work with you – I know he inspired lots of you to buy your own graphics tablet, but maybe you don’t realise how much your enthusiasm and positivity inspired him too.  If you’ve been practising your graphic art, please send it in – here is a ‘Random Elephant’ by Alexa:

alexa random elephant

A few weeks ago I mentioned sending me some photos so that I can make a movie for you all.  I’ve had some photos from a few people, but I wanted to remind you to start collecting 10 – 15 pictures, which you should send to me over half term.

Kate and her mum also came up with a brilliant idea to celebrate the end of Primary School – if anyone else has any ideas for how we can celebrate, please let me know so that we can start making some plans.

Finally, I gave up on our IXL curly wurlies because no-one seemed to be using the site but, as I’ve included IXL on your timetable, I feel that this is probably a great time to relaunch the virtual curly wurly (VCW).

So. our VCW winner today is  (drum roll)……….

Harriet, who has been doing lots of Year 7 grammar and Maths, including decimals, percentages, synonyms and prefixes – great to see you preparing for High School Harriet.

And Harriet is followed closely by Abi and Rebecca.  Rebecca has been doing some amazing Year 7 work on integers and division, and Abi has been working on Year 11 maths (Pythagoras Theorem and Square Roots ) – WOW!

I think all three of them deserve a VCW for such outstanding work – as there are 4 in this pack, I’ll have to eat the 4th one myself so as not to waste it.

curly wurly

Remember to keep sending me those photos.

30th April 2020

So we’re starting the day early with some awesome ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ work from Alexa.

alexa msnd

29th April 2020

Hi Year 6 – I hope you’re enjoying studying ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ – do you remember when we performed it as a whole school play a few years ago?  I’ll try to find some photos to bring back the memories.  In the meantime, here are some of your latest photo exploits.

Olivia P has already been working hard on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ – your book looks absolutely amazing Olivia!

olivia p3olivia p4

And she’s also found time to do a bit of cooking – you are so talented Olivia – it looks delicious!

olivia p1olivia p2

Max has been very busy working on his lego – how long will it take him to build it, I wonder?  Stick at it Max – we can’t wait to see it finished!

max 2max 1

Alexa has been studying The Battle of Hastings in 1066.

alexa battle of hastings

Olivia F has been having loads of fun in the sunshine – you look so cool Olivia!

olivia f1olivia f2olivia f3olivia f4


23rd April 2020

At last my internet connection is back, and I’ve got lots of photos to share with you.

First of all, Abi has been very busy on her graphics tablet (this fabulous design is of an elf) – you are so talented Abi!

abi elf

And she has also been baking a delicious chicken and mushroom pie – I bet that didn’t last long Abi!

abi pie

Olivia P and Bromley have been working hard at their maths – will either of them be our champion today?

olivia p on ixlbromley doing maths

Evie and Isabel have been in school today – they have been busy painting rainbows (including a giant banner to hang outside our school).

IMG_7765 IMG_7764

14th April 2020

Hello again Year 6 – hope you’ve been enjoying a lovely Easter break with your families.  I’ve got a great selection of photos to share with you – keep sending them in so that we can all stay in touch and keep each other smiling.

Sam has been very busy over Easter, drawing this amazing picture - Mrs Lee will be so impressed.

Sam has been very busy over Easter, drawing this amazing picture – Mrs Lee will be so impressed.

And here’s a selection from school today – it was really sunny, so we spent most of the day playing outside.

Alexa playing cricket in the sunshine.

Alexa playing cricket in the sunshine.



Smile Stones

Making Smile Stones


Everyone painted a colour.

A rainbow of friendship welcoming everyone into our school.

A rainbow of friendship welcoming everyone into our school.

9th April 2020

Hello again Year 6 – it’s been another fabulous sunny day, so I hope you’ve managed to spend some time outside catching rays (and dreaming about chocolate).  At this time, more than ever, it’s really important to remember our values, and to try to live by them each day: try to find ways to become more excellent, to be more respectful and to show more kindness, and each day, try to be the best we can be.


Harriet has still done the most questions this week, and today she’s been working particularly productively on pronouns,  polygons, products and prefixes.

Well done Harriet!

Well done Harriet!

Beth is not far behind, and has been working on modal verbs and fractions today.  We’ve now reached 155,00, which is totally amazing.  You are definitely the best year 6 group I’ve ever worked with, so let’s try to beat the best total ever – that means 100,000 to go – I know you can do it, but you might need a cake (or two) to help you along the way – there are no nuts in this Kate!

7th April 2020

Hi Year 6  – it’s been a wonderful sunny day, and Abi has been enjoying a walk to your old Forest School site – can you spot her camouflaged in those trees?



Our winner today is …….Harriet, who has been working on fractions, co-ordinates, conjunctions and similes – brilliant work Harriet – you are on fire

curly wurly

Stay happy and healthy Easter bunnies

6th April 2020

Welcome back my wonderful year 6 – I haven’t received any photos today, but I know that Harriet, Beth, Alice, Liam and Abi have all been really busy on IXL.  Harriet has been working on graphs and co-ordinates, and even managed to fit in a bit of work on similes.  Abi has been viewing verbs, Alice has been studying sentences, Liam has been learning year 8 multiplication, division and percentages (WOW), and Beth has been brainy about year 9 base plans.

As it’s Easter, and everyone else is probably outside  enjoying the sunshine, I’m giving each of you a Curly Wurly (fortunately, I’ve got a pack of 5).

curly wurly 5
Stay happy and safe Easter chicks

Dear parents,

By now you will have all received an invitation to join Class Dojo, which we will be using as our main method of communication. If you require further information about Class Dojo, including privacy setting, please see the link below.

Kind regards

Miss De Ste Croix (6.4.20)

5th April 2020

Jamie has been working so hard on IXL this week – he has absolutely thrashed Max, but has he done enough to make our top 5 and win that Curly Wurly?


Kate has been up to so much since we last saw her.  Here she is digging a pond to keep up her PE lessons, and painting a new fish on her wall to develop her art work.

These look absolutely amazing Kate - you are so talented!

These look absolutely amazing Kate – you are so talented!


And this is her fabulous book about a made-up animal – it is outstanding Kate – you always aim for the stars, and always seem to reach them!

IMG_4428 IMG_4427 IMG_4426 IMG_4425


Our winner today is Beth, who has worked on IXL almost every day, and has covered both maths and grammar skills – brilliant work Beth!

curly wurly

Reuben was just 9 questions behind – well done for doing lots of work on multiplication and division Reuben (and for keeping away from Reception questions).

A special mention to Harriet – she has worked on IXL every single day this week, and this weekend has been working on relative pronouns and prefixes.  Here’s a Squiggle for your brilliant effort Harriet….



And now for our top 5 (drum roll)…….

At 5 is…..

the supersonic sum-answerer Sam – those slippers sure have had an impact Sam!

curly wurly

At 4 is …..

the amazingly awesome  Alice!

curly wurly

At 3 is …..

the remarkable Reception-hogger Reuben!

curly wurly

At 2 is……..

the bedazzingly brilliant Beth!

curly wurly

And at number 1 is……..

our hard-working heroine Harriet – you are on fire Harriet – amazing effort!

curly wurly

Massive apologies for not keeping up-to-date with IXL and the website – I’ve had a few emergencies to deal with, but now I’m totally focused on you – my wonderful year 6 class.  I’ll be uploading your photos and stories every day over Easter, and I’ll be announcing daily IXL winners too.

Stay safe and sunny everyone!

Take care

Miss Deebank

2nd April 2020


Here is Sam celebrating last week’s success on IXL by drinking a nice, hot cuppa whilst practising non-stop on TT Rockstars – those slippers certainly make you work hard Sam – maybe you could get a black pair for High School!


Sam also did one of the 10 minute challenges on Authorfy – he had to use plastic from around the house to make a monster.  He calls it ‘Razorwing’ because it is a bird with razor-sharp teeth.

sam 2

Meanwhile, over at the Stamp household, Olivia has been keeping very fit – training for the next Olympics – do your Supersonic Slippers give you the power to do this Sam?

e7082212-b8a7-4443-98be-a7c7aa5f035f IMG_0702

And she’s also been working hard to make us all feel a bit sunnier (as usual) – you are an inspiration to us all Olivia!

IMG_0709 IMG_0708

Alexa did over 2000 questions on TT Rockstars yesterday, and then she went on to study the Great Plague (no, not Charlie – the Great Plague of the Middle Ages).



Our current leader is Reuben (although I noticed that he has done quite a bit of Reception level shape work this week, so I might have to ask Mrs Ogrodnyk to make up a special pack of worksheets for him to work through before he goes to High School ).  I’ll announce our winner at 7pm this evening – KEEP OFF Reception Reuben!

31st March 2020


Hi everyone

I’m hoping that some of you have started your journals now – they should be like diaries where you keep a record of what you’ve been up to, as well as your thoughts and feelings at this unprecedented time in our history.  Remember – future generations could use your writing to find out what really happened – it could become a real historical document, so use words, pictures and photos to make it really reflect you and your life.  I’ve found this link to some famous diary texts to give you some ideas for your own writing:



Liam completing lots of year 6 and 7 work on IXL

Liam completing lots of year 6 and 7 work on IXL

The next Salah!

The next Salah!

Bromley – this report on Arctic Foxes is absolutely brilliant – the best you’ve ever done! How did you keep still long enough?

Arctic Fox 

Bromley working really hard on his Arctic Fox report - brilliant work Bromley!

Bromley working really hard on his Arctic Fox report – brilliant work Bromley!

Alice's Antony Gormley report - absolutely brilliant Alice - your cover is stunning!

Alice’s Antony Gormley report – absolutely brilliant Alice – your cover is stunning!

30th March 2020

Alexa taking part in Joe Wicks’ daily PE lesson then working hard… honest!

IMG_3967[1]  IMG_3974[1]

29th March 2020


The second  TT Rockstars ‘Top of the Rocks’ competition against St Peter’s and St Andrew’s is taking place next week.  Colwich came out champions in the first competition, and we have no intention of relinquishing our title this time around, so COME ON YEAR 6 – log in to Rockstars (Monday 9am to Thursday 6:30pm) and do your bit to keep our crown.


I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine.  Alexa has been busy creating a booklet about a make-believe animal called the ‘Otterpus’

Wonderful artwork Alexa - maybe you could scan this and re-create using the art tablet.

Wonderful artwork Alexa – maybe you could scan this and re-create it using the art tablet

alexa 2

alexa 3


WOW Year 6 – you have now completed over 146,000 questions, and our Curly Wurly winner today is Alexa

curly wurly

Since her shameful defeat to Miss Wilde, she has been on fire, and has completed over 1300 question this week.

The 5 pupils on the leader board are (drum roll)…..


curly wurly


curly wurly


curly wurly


curly wurly


curly wurly

You are all totally incredible, and I miss you all.  Keep safe and sunny next week guys.

27th March 2020

Boys – you have been absolute IXL wonders today!  How come you didn’t work this hard at school?

Max trying to beat Jamie on IXL

Max aiming high on IXL

And aiming high with his bow and arrow - let's hope it's a tree he's aiming at and not his little brother

And aiming even higher with his bow and arrow – let’s hope it’s a tree he’s aiming at and not his little brother!

Sam trying his hardest to defeat the Awesomely Amazing Alexa on IXL

Sam trying his hardest to defeat the Awesomely Amazing Alexa on IXL

And then doing some pretty amazing arithmetic - love the slippers Sam!

And then doing some pretty amazing arithmetic – love the slippers Sam!

Even Will has been on IXL today.


However Will, Alexa noticed that you had only done 15 mins rather than 20, so you are in big trouble with her next time she sees you – be VERY afraid!

Alexa's epic save (or was it Charlie's epic fail?)

Alexa’s epic save (or was it Charlie’s epic fail?)

Cheeky back heel

Cheeky back heel!

Magnums in the sunshine

Magnums in the sunshine


We put IXL up on the big screen today so that we could feel like a whole class again.  At different times we noticed that Will, Bea, Jamie, Liam, Reuben, Evie, Lucy, Olivia S, Sam and Abi were all working alongside us (we might have missed you if you were on IXL whilst Alexa was busy munching on her Magnum).  Sam and Alexa were neck and neck for a while – both working on shape and graphs – but Alexa surged ahead towards the end of the day – she chose to eat another Magnum rather than a virtual Curly Wurly, so we’ll award that to you Sam……

curly wurly

IXL Queen (but still Rockstar loser)

IXL Queen (but still Rockstar loser)

26th March 2020


The situation that we are in at the moment is so unprecedented and unique that it will probably be studied in history lessons in the future – like we study ‘The Great Fire of London’ or ‘The World Wars’.  This means that every one of you will become part of our country’s history.  Earlier this week, I asked you to start writing a journal about your experiences over the next few weeks or months.  I can’t emphasise how important it is for you to do this as your journals and pictures (and even this website) will become primary sources of evidence for students in the future – they will use your actual words to find out what life was like during the Coronavirus Crisis.  So become a real part of history and tell your story for the students of the future.

Become part of our history

Become part of our history


Abi wins her second curly wurly of the week

curly wurly

Sam, you put in an amazing effort today, learning about Y7 angles and shapes, and you almost overtook Abi – so near, yet so far!  Will tomorrow be your lucky day?   Alexa is a close 3rd – she has been doing lots of work on Y6 fractions and graphs.  Will she be the Curly Wurly Queen tomorrow – she certainly needs to make up for the embarrassment of losing to Miss Wilde on Rockstars today.

Keep up the great work Year 6 – remember that IXL is brilliant for making things stick.  Keep working through Y6, and then start on Y7 (Alexa, you might want to take a look at Y4 times tables).

Alexa is so desperate to win a curly wurly that she’s made her own

clay curly wurly

Today was a very sad day for Year 6 – Alexa challenged Miss Wilde on Rockstars

AND SHE LOST !!!!!!!

Miss Wilde says she is willing to take on anyone (even Kate) – Year 6, you need to regain our pride and honour asap, so challenge Miss Wilde …….there’s not a moment to lose……DO IT NOW!

Alexa's twiggy bungalow

Alexa’s twiggy bungalow

Alexa unsuccessfully taking on Miss Wilde at Rock Stars

Alexa unsuccessfully taking on Miss Wilde at Rockstars

25th March 2020

Amazing work on IXL Year 6 – you have now passed 142,000 questions (can we reach our 1,000,000 target do you think?).

Abi is our winner today – she has been working on Phrases and Clauses, and Lowest Common Multiples.  Jamie – you almost beat her – your percentages and nouns must be perfect now – I bet you could even teach Max a thing or two.  Sam was third – he’s been doing loads of Year 7 work and is totally going to impress his new High School teachers with his amazing maths skills.

Remember to send me pictures of you and your work and I’ll post them up.

Miss you all – Miss Deebank x

Today's Winner is Abi Urban (25.3.2020)

Today’s IXL Curly Wurly Winner is Abi Urban (25.3.2020)

Year 6 Face Time chat 25.3.2020

Year 6 Face Time chat 25.3.2020

Evie and Lily keeping fit with Joe Wicks 24.3.2020.


Evie working on her digital art 24.3.2020



Spring Curriculum Map



War and Remembrance 2019 Parent Newsletter

AUTUMN 2 HOMEWORK ACTIVITY SHEET (enrichment activities)


IMG_7347 BOOK FAIR 2019





KS2–Problem of the Day with You Tube


KS2 Maths SATs Ultimate Organiser 2019 Reasoning

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Booklet 1 – SATS words

Booklet 2 – SATS words

Booklet 3 – SATS words

Booklet 4 – SATS words

Booklet 5 – SATS words



Active + Passive tense





Bullet Point

Capital Letters



Commas after Fronted  Adverbial

Commas in Lists

Commas to Clarify Meaning


Co-ordinating Conjunctions

Dash – single



Exclamation Marks


Formal and Informal

Full Stops


Inverted Commas

Modal verbs

Noun Phrases



Perfect tense

Possessive Pronouns



Progressive tense


Question Marks


Relative Clauses

Relative Pronouns


Sentences + Clauses

Simple past and present tense

Standard English


Subject + Object

Subjunctive tense


Subordinating Conjunctions + Subordinate Clauses


Synonym + Antonym

Verb tense consistency


Word Families

Word Meaning



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