Year 3

 Welcome to Year 3


Useful websites:

Bug Club
Purple Mash
Times Tables Rockstars
Hit the Button (times tables game)
BBC Supermovers (times tables videos)

All children should have a spelling passport to keep at home. These are some spelling activity cards which your child may enjoy using to help them learn their spellings. The children are used to using these in school, so they should already be familiar with lots of the activities.

Please find below a list of recommended books for children in Year 3.

Please find below some times tables resources. The times tables listed here are in the order that the children work through them.

We enjoyed taking part in the Yoga and mindfulness enrichment day. We learnt lots of new Yoga moves!

IMG_4801 IMG_4802


We have had lots of fun learning about 3D shapes in maths. We worked really hard in teams and persevered to build our own 3D shapes.

IMG_4753 IMG_4754 IMG_4755 IMG_4757 IMG_4758 IMG_4759 IMG_4760 IMG_4761 IMG_4763

This half-term, we have been learning about rocks and fossils in science. We have had lots of fun, and have even made our own fossils!

IMG_4598 IMG_4599 IMG_4601 IMG_4602 IMG_4603 IMG_4604 IMG_4605 IMG_4606

As part of our ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ topic, we have had lots of fun learning about Iron Age roundhouses. We have made our own roundhouses, and we’re then going to write instructions about how to make them.

IMG_4460 IMG_4461 IMG_4462 IMG_4463 IMG_4464 IMG_4465 IMG_4467 IMG_4468

As part of our ‘It’s Good to be Me’ topic, the children have made an emoji keyring. We researched different types of emojis, and we looked at the emotions that they link to. The children then chose 2 emojis to make into their keyring. They worked extremely hard cutting out the pieces and sewing the keyring together. The finished products look brilliant!

IMG_4341 IMG_4343 IMG_4344 IMG_4345 IMG_4346 IMG_4348 IMG_4351 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4354 IMG_4355 IMG_4356 IMG_4359 IMG_4360 IMG_4361 IMG_4362