Stafford Grammar Choral Day – Tuesday 25th June

Today, our school choir took part in a ‘Choral Day‘ at Stafford Grammar School.

There were school choirs attending this fantastic day from eleven different Primary Schools, totalling over three hundred children.  The day started with us all gathering in their hall and meeting the guest leaders for the day.


The leaders were Susan Avison, James Maddison, Karl Westwood and Stephanie Lamplough.

Our children from Colwich were gathered together with children from St Paul’s First School from Coven and children from Stafford Preparatory School and Stafford Grammar School.  We then went over to the Prep school to meet our music leader, Stephanie Lamplough and started learning our songs which we would later perform in front of the other groups and for our parents at the Concert from 19:00.

IMG_2522 IMG_2523

It was a fast paced day, trying to learn two different new songs, with harmonies, and different groups singing different parts, but we did it!

on stage

Well done everyone who took part, you were a credit to our school.