Trentham Gardens Awards Ceremony 8th July 2019

This morning, many children in KS2 attended an awards ceremony at Trentham Gardens.  This was for the Children’s University graduation, which children have been working on throughout the year.  Over the year, when children take part in extra-curricular activities, such as School Council roles, sporting activities, choir etc…the hours spent are added to their personal Passports, accumulating points, to achieve an award.

Here we are lining up to get our gowns.


Here we are in our gowns, don’t we look smart!


IMG_2659 IMG_2661

Once we were all dressed and ready, we had a group photo together.


Then it was time to go to the main hall to be presented our awards.

This is the order of the awards we were given.

Bronze Award  – 30 hours

Silver Award – 65 hours

Gold Award – 100 hours

Bronze Certificate – 130 hours

Silver Certificate – 165 hours

Gold Certificate – 200 hours

Bronze Diploma – 230 hours

Silver Diploma – 265 hours

Gold Diploma – 300 hours

Bronze  Degree – 330 hours

Silver Degree – 365 hours

Gold Degree – 400 hours

Silver Postgraduate Award – 465 hours

Here we are….

IMG_2666 IMG_2673

Well done everyone for attending, and thank you to Miss Deebank for sorting everything out for us.