World Maths Day – Wednesday 6th March 2019

Today, the whole school took part in a variety of different activities, linked to our Maths Curriculum, to support World Maths Day.  The children and staff throughout the school enjoyed the tasks they carried out, making it a fun and enjoyable learning experience.  Well done everyone!

In Reception, the children enjoyed printing with different sized circles, making collage circles with a selection of buttons and milk bottle tops and the children even drew their own spirals with felt tip pens.

IMG_0160 IMG_0143 IMG_0166 IMG_0144 IMG_0142 IMG_0155

In Class 1, the children had fun using cotton buds to create individual tree designs using the idea of pointillism to create a piece of artwork.  The children were also challenged to halve and quarter circular pancakes for their fraction work and the made a variety of repeating patterns.

IMG_2390 IMG_2405 IMG_2420

In Class 2, the children designed their own circular patterns, and they worked in teams to create circular patterns in quarters linking their artwork with fractions.   The children also worked on the computers to create pictures with circles, using their ICT skills to link with Maths.

IMG_1500 IMG_1464 IMG_1501 IMG_1502

In Class 3, the children made repeating patterns inside circles, and they made a selection of different size kites which they arranged in different ways to make patterns linking Maths with Art.  The children also discovered how to use the magic Maths Calculator, which involved using their mental maths skills.

IMG_1745 IMG_1749  IMG_1764 IMG_1766 IMG_1774 IMG_1770

In Class 4, the children drew their own symmetrical designs within a circle and identified the different shapes they created within the design linking Maths with Art.

IMG_0809 IMG_0811 IMG_0814 IMG_0816

In Class 5, the children found the circumference, diameter and radius of different size circles, creating a piece of artwork inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.

IMG_2124 IMG_2143 IMG_2147 IMG_2126

In Class 6, the children found the surface area of Rich Tea biscuits and doughnuts, and they found the volume of Chocolate Mini Rolls, and then ate them all – yummy!

IMG_3885 IMG_3887 IMG_3889 IMG_3892

What a busy, but fun day we had!