Family Groups

Everybody in our school belongs to a family group; Kestrels, Herons, Owls, Eagles or Kingfishers. Family groups are the way we divide the school to take part in various events. Occasionally, we split up and go to the classroom of our family group’s adult leader for family group worship. Another thing we do with our adult leader is reading buddies, where we read with members of our family group of different ages. We also earn pebbles for our family groups, which could result in your group winning at the end of half term and receiving a fantastic prize! Family groups are who we are playing for at sports day and most of the other competitions we take part in. All of the family groups have a leader: for Kestrels it’s Lily Hurley, for Herons it’s Joe Turnbull, for Owls it’s Heidi Lee, for Eagles it’s Lizzie Ellement and for Kingfishers it’s Chloe Finnie. Family groups are an important part of life at Colwich because they allow you to mix with and make friends with children across the school, to feel you are part of a team within the school and to take part in friendly competition.

Written by Lily Hurley (Year 6)