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literature-books-584-300x184Leaflets to help parents read with their children effectively.

Reading Leaflet KS1
Reading Leaflet KS2

Online Safety

Links for Parents

Thinkuknow – For the latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology.
Xbox 360 online safety and privacy settings – Change Xbox 360 online safety and privacy settings for yourself or a child on Xbox.com
Childnet: Keeping Young Children Safe Online – Frequently asked questions on the internet and technology from Childnet.
Childnet: Parents’ Factsheet – Information and Online Resources from Childnet.
Facebook checklist Nov 2013 – Facebook Checklist. Remember a child has to be 13 before he or she can open a Facebook account.
Cyberbullying Overview – Advice about keeping personal information safe.
Parent Guides from ConnectSafely – Information and advice for parents by parents: A collection of short, clearly written guidebooks.
CEOP – Information on reporting unsuitable or inappropriate content.
Internet Matters – Useful resources for parents.