EYFS at Colwich

At Colwich Primary School, we believe that creating an inclusive and enabling environment is essential in promoting high standards of early years education. Within our practise we will encourage children to have freedom to make informed choices and take controlled risks. We believe that allowing children to have the freedom to explore is vital in allowing them to develop their personality, curiosity, imagination, language and social skills. These are all skills that will help them to create their own understanding of a very complex world. We believe that within early years we need to foster a lifelong love for learning and exploration that will continue when children reach formal schooling. Within early years it is very important to be able to allow children the freedom to play, explore and flourish in order to make sense of the world around them.  

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You will find lots of information about our Early Years classroom and team as well as tips for starting school.

Online Open Day

Have a look at our Early Years curriculum using the links below:

Colwich Curriculum Statement Early Years

Colwich Curriculum Overview EYFS



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