Writing at Colwich

‘There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You
never quite know where they’ll take you.’

Beatrix Potter



At Colwich we recognise that literacy skills are at the heart of all learning. These essential skills underpin the way children access the wider curriculum. It provides the skills and knowledge they need to flourish and to continue to progress and deepen their understanding in school and beyond.

At Colwich, our vision is to ensure that all children flourish and develop a lifelong love of writing. We recognise the importance of children being able to express themselves coherently and confidently through their writing. We aim to stretch and challenge them intellectually, to take risks in their writing and to develop endurance and resilience in developing their writing skills. Through exposure to a range of high quality, diverse and interesting texts, we intend to develop young writers who are able to write for a range of purposes and audiences, adapting their style and language appropriately.



Have a look at our Writing curriculum using the links below:

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